The DAND Team

Meet the DAND team, composed of people of all background and expertise unified under a singular goal: to advocate for new research and treatment options for DEAF1.

The Team

Core members of the DAND organization.


Catherine Kahn

Vice President

Adam Kinney


Lehyla Calero

Science Advisory Board

The doctors, medical staff, and researchers professionals who comprise our board.

Director, Southern Illinois University

Dr. Phil Jensik (PhD)

Director, Columbia University

Dr. Jennifer Bain (MD, PhD)

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Be it through organizing, financial contributions, or ideas for research contracts, there’s no better time to lend your support. Awareness is everything when it comes to ultra rare genetic disorders. A little help can go a long way.

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Please help us improve the lives of these amazing children. When you give to The DAND Foundation, you are funding breakthrough research and treatment for patients with DAND and helping to support their critical medical services and programs. Thank you for donating today and joining our fight!

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